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Watermelon Tapestry Tote

Posted by toriem on 2006.08.31 at 11:40
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I made this bag for a special friend's birthday. It's not my pattern, but it's so good that I wish it was! This was my first crocheted bag, and generally first bag that I've ever made, and it was tons of fun to do. I must make one for myself now!

It's a free pattern and I have the PDF file for it. If anyone wants it, I can email it to you. I believe it can also be found at http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/ titled as Tapestry Tote Bag.

I made some adjustments though. I wanted a shoulder bag, so I made the bag handle longer. I also couldn't follow the instructions for the handle so I just winged it. The yarn I used for it was from Red Heart Super Saver.

Well here are my pictures:

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Ami the Amigurumist with the Crafty Caterpillar

Posted by toriem on 2006.08.24 at 02:10
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Well this was supposed to be my etsycraft contest listing, but in the words of Tori Amos I was such a "dingaling." I completely thought the deadline was for Aug. 24th, but it turns out it was Aug. 22nd. I've decided to list it anyways, although the contest is over. Maybe some kind soul will want to take her home. I'm really sad because I truly felt in my heart that I had a good chance of making it to the final 4. Now I'll never know.

The contest was to use the logo "Craft:" So at first I was thinking of making a cute caterpillar with the letters written on it. Then I moved on to thinking of making a craftster doll crocheting a banner with Craft: written on it. And finally in my final move, I thought it would be genius to combine the two: Have my doll be crocheting an amigurumi crafty caterpillar herself!

So ouila, this is how she turned out to be!
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And here are the winners of the contest: http://blog.etsy.com/?p=96
You can also see my listing here: http://www.etsy.com/view_item.php?listing_id=410032

So tell me what you think...and comfort me!! *cries*

Fish Collar for my cat, Penny!

Posted by toriem on 2006.08.12 at 00:43
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Well I'm trying to update more regularly. I made this a couple of weeks ago. It's not very pratical as a collar, but it was still fun to try it on him. I used Red Heart Super Saver [Pale Yellow] for the fish and Caron Simply Soft [White] for the collar so it would be nice and soft for Penny. But I think next time, I would make the collar a different color so that it stands out more!

You can't really see in the pics, but I made these 3 little bands on the white collar so that it could be tightened or loosened by pulling through to the other side. The collar was done simply in 1 sc all across. For the fish pendent, I freeformed until I got the shape I wanted.

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Well, I thought my online store would never open, but the day has finally arrived. You can check out "Ami Amour" at http://toriem.etsy.com
Browse around etsy too, they have lots of wonderful stuff there.

I've only listed 2 items so far, but it will grow! In the meanwhile, I think the 2 that I did list are pretty special.

Up first as I promised is the catwalking Captain Jack Sparrow!

19 inches tall
-Has removeable bandanna, vest, and scarf belt
-Has a 'P' tatoo on his right arm hiding under a sleeve
-Each dreadlock has been individually made and placed
-Able to be posed in various ways

Let's take a look shall we?
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the Amazing Teal Kiwi!

Posted by toriem on 2006.08.04 at 18:41
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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. My internet was just horrible for the past month but it's all fixed now. So hopefully I can update more regularly now. I promise you though I have been working hard on my amis.

My shop is going to go online August 5th, and I will also be debuting Captain Jack Sparrow here then, which is tomorrow! I've also thought of a name for my store, it is going to be called Ami Amour!

Also the_leh, I'm almost done with Tori Ami, so you can choose first whether you want her or not. I'll be emailing you soon ^^

In the meanwhile for those of you starving for some ami action, Ami Amour proudly presents...

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Jenny S. - a teacher that rocks

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.15 at 00:53
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I made this ami for my friend lammygirl and so she's totally based on her. The ami's name is Jenny S. She's a teacher by day and bass player by night.

There were several new things I learned making her. I'm happy with the way the bass guitar turned out because it was a little tricky with the different shapes. I also learned how to overlap the different yarns so that under the skirt is actually a body too. I learned a new hairstyle too! Although hair takes awhile to do I really enjoy doing them. It makes me feel like a hairstylist haha.

So... tada... here's Jenny!

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Mr. Neko

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.06 at 00:34
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This was my first ever amigurumi that got me into the craze. He was also my second crochet project. His name is Mr. Neko. I love cats and this pattern was especially cute. I gave him away mangamango who's given him a nice loving home, but I need to make one for my own one day!

The Amineko pattern can be found here:

Here's a crochetalong thread with pics of the same pattern that everyone's done. They have some great advice there. All the Nekos look so different too!

Presenting Mr. Neko:
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Selling Tori Ami...

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.05 at 00:28
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Hey everyone, I want to open up my craft store on www.etsy.com soon. People have been expressing interest in buying Tori Ami and that has really encouraged me. I don't know if I would make the same doll over and over because that would be boring, so I was thinking of making different Tori dolls - like the previous Tori would be called Sessions Tori Ami. I could make Tori Ami's by different eras, photo shoots. Tori has such great iconic moments and there's so many different things I could choose from. I hope my ambition isn't too great tho, but I would like to give it a try. What do you guys think?

Also, I wanted feedback as to pricing. These do take some time to make, but I want it to be reasonable price for the customer as well as fair to me. I was thinking somewhere around the range of $40 to $50. Next time I make one, I'm going to count the hours I spend on it. It usually takes me a day to make one of these.

I think I will try and sell the crochet pattern for Sessions Tori Ami on etsy as well. I've never written an official pattern yet so I must do research on it. I might need a few pattern testers. I guess their incentive would be they would get the pattern for free. :)

The Briefing

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.04 at 00:51
Well I've currently crocheted 5 amigurumis in total which I need to post pictures of.

1. Mr. Neko
2. O!Pilseung! (crocheted for another upcoming b-day)
3. Tori Ami - you've all seen her.
4. Jenny S.
5. Poring

I will post pictures when I can grab ahold of the digital camera which my sis is currently using at AX (Anime Expo).

Currently planned projects:

-Captain Jack Sparrow (hopefully I can finish in time for the movie!)
-Ah Young Doll (a cute teenager doll for my cousin for her b-day... so many b-days in August!)

and then what is next is up for grabs...I have many characters planned (X-Men, Bjork, anime, original creations), but what I want to do will depend on my fancy.

Tori Ami

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.02 at 12:53
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Here is my Tori Amos amigurumi, otherwise known as Tori Ami. She took a while to make because I was working on her on and off, but I'm really satisfied the way she came out.

Height: 19 inces from head to foot. 12 inches, sitting up.
Outfit: from Sessions on West 54th. Altered to give her a dress and I also made it sleeveless.
Shoes: Black heels, because she wouldn't be Tori without fabulous shoes!
Mouth: She has two different mouths that can be attached by velcro. One cute looking heart mouth, and one for singing in her Tori demon mode.

Demon Tori. yessaid.
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Playing that organ must count for somethingCollapse )

The very first post!

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.01 at 02:58
I've decided to change my community name for my crochet blog to crochetgrlhotel from crochethotel. It's missing an i in girl, not because I like abbreviations and talking in netspeak, but because livejournal will not allow you to make names longer than 15 letters! I'll be posting pics of Tori Ami very soon.