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Jenny S. - a teacher that rocks

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.15 at 00:53
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I made this ami for my friend lammygirl and so she's totally based on her. The ami's name is Jenny S. She's a teacher by day and bass player by night.

There were several new things I learned making her. I'm happy with the way the bass guitar turned out because it was a little tricky with the different shapes. I also learned how to overlap the different yarns so that under the skirt is actually a body too. I learned a new hairstyle too! Although hair takes awhile to do I really enjoy doing them. It makes me feel like a hairstylist haha.

So... tada... here's Jenny!

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I was going to write in chalk on the blackboard, but I didn't have any at the time. Then I was going to do it by Photoshop, but our comp got reformatted and so I can't do that either. It was going to have something like "Today's Agenda" and Ms. S. on it and other various teacher stuff...perhaps a lesson on George Orwell's Animal Farm. Well, use your imagination!

And a little preview of my next ami I will post pictures of.
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Rockin' and Romance
shock_treatment at 2006-07-15 08:54 (UTC) (Tour)
wow very cute! i am amazed, i can't even learn how to knit :[
toriem at 2006-07-15 19:06 (UTC) (Tour)
don't worry, I can't knit either! I think crocheting is really easy to pick up though.
(Deleted comment)
toriem at 2006-07-15 19:10 (UTC) (Tour)
yup, she doesn't have any legs. I made her as a sort of bust, like a desktop or shelf decorator.
enough_grows at 2006-07-15 19:13 (UTC) (Tour)
I wandered over from Craftgrrl because this is the cutest ami I've ever seen! Also, I laughed so hard at the Tori-inspired title and layout. :]
toriem at 2006-07-15 19:39 (UTC) (Tour)
thanks! Have you seen pics of Tori Ami yet? It's in one of the blog entries...she's even playing the piano :D Here it is http://community.livejournal.com/crochetgrlhotel/598.html

Watch one of these days, I'll make a crocheted redhead suckling a piglet hahaha
irish_clover89 at 2008-05-26 04:39 (UTC) (Tour)
I have been trying to figure out how to crochet a guitar. Where did you find that pattern? Or did you make it? Would it be ok if you could give me the pattern?
toriem at 2008-05-27 07:36 (UTC) (Tour)
wow haha I haven't checked my journal in a long time, but it's funny that I have come in time to see your post. It's been awhile since I made that guitar. I just pretty much made it up. As I recall doing it, I just started off by working in the round. Make the circular part as big as you want the size of the guitar to be (for instance, do a magic ring, Rnd 1: 6sc, Rnd 2: 12 sc, Rnd 3: 18 sc). Then try to make a pointy section. I did that by working single crochets in rows, going back and forth, decreasing, until I got to 1 single crochet. For example on the circular, go 5 sc across, ch 1 turn over, next row 4sc, ch, turn over, 3 sc, etc, until you get to 1). By doing this, you get the bottom shape of the guitar. You need to make 2 of them so that you can sew them together and stuff it. For the neck, just crochet in rows (2 separate pieces, sew together and sew onto the other piece). Cut out felt to glue onto guitar. Use yarn for the guitar strings. I hope that helped a little. Good luck. Let me know if you have any more questions. I hope I didn't confuse you more.

If you live in Southern California, I host a crochet meetup group every Sunday, so I could show you how to do it.

irish_clover89 at 2008-05-27 18:55 (UTC) (Tour)
i don't live in california, sorry. but thank you for the pattern. i have been searching all over the internet for a guitar pattern.
toriem at 2008-05-28 08:00 (UTC) (Tour)
Good luck! Show me a pic when you make it =)
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