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Tori Ami

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.02 at 12:53
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Here is my Tori Amos amigurumi, otherwise known as Tori Ami. She took a while to make because I was working on her on and off, but I'm really satisfied the way she came out.

Height: 19 inces from head to foot. 12 inches, sitting up.
Outfit: from Sessions on West 54th. Altered to give her a dress and I also made it sleeveless.
Shoes: Black heels, because she wouldn't be Tori without fabulous shoes!
Mouth: She has two different mouths that can be attached by velcro. One cute looking heart mouth, and one for singing in her Tori demon mode.

Demon Tori. yessaid.
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Cute Tori loving the piano. Notice her shoes!
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The famous straddle.
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musicnutintx at 2006-07-04 17:10 (UTC) (Tour)
lalittlecricket at 2006-07-04 19:13 (UTC) (Tour)
Oh my God! These are great! :)
the_leh at 2006-07-04 21:12 (UTC) (Tour)
Do you sell them, by chance?
toriem at 2006-07-05 07:27 (UTC) (Tour)
Hi, a lot of people have been encouraging me to sell them. I am planning on opening a crochet shop on www.etsy.com and I will be selling Tori Ami there. I will probably be working on another Tori Ami after I try making a Captain Jack Sparrow. I will update on my blog!
the_leh at 2006-07-05 17:02 (UTC) (Tour)
Ok, please let me know! I am dying to buy one of those for my daughters.
toriem at 2006-07-05 07:27 (UTC) (Tour)
Thanks for the comments, guys!
♥ missy42 ♥
missy42 at 2006-07-10 15:17 (UTC) (Tour)
This is absolutely brilliant, toriem! And I loved her Sessions at West 54th. I think I remember that version of Take to the Sky being particularly amazing....

Can't wait to see my boyfriend Jack Sparrow á lá crochet! Friending this journal!

toriem at 2006-07-15 07:50 (UTC) (Tour)
Me too! I love Sessions Tori. It has the best version of iieee on there! And yes, I'm almost done with Jack!!
♥ missy42 ♥
missy42 at 2006-07-17 01:17 (UTC) (Tour)
OH man! Where she does the improve during the bridge:

I know you understand
understand the way you feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel
you shove it
you shove it
in my face

I know you understand
the way I feeeeeeeeel
but you took
you took
my little girl

I know you understand
but you don't
the way I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel
so whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Or something like that. Yeah, freaking awesome and total music-gasm! I think I was getting it confused with another performance. But yeah, it's my favourite version of iieee.

Hooray for my bf Jack Sparrow! Can't for him to...surface!

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