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The Briefing

Posted by toriem on 2006.07.04 at 00:51
Well I've currently crocheted 5 amigurumis in total which I need to post pictures of.

1. Mr. Neko
2. O!Pilseung! (crocheted for another upcoming b-day)
3. Tori Ami - you've all seen her.
4. Jenny S.
5. Poring

I will post pictures when I can grab ahold of the digital camera which my sis is currently using at AX (Anime Expo).

Currently planned projects:

-Captain Jack Sparrow (hopefully I can finish in time for the movie!)
-Ah Young Doll (a cute teenager doll for my cousin for her b-day... so many b-days in August!)

and then what is next is up for grabs...I have many characters planned (X-Men, Bjork, anime, original creations), but what I want to do will depend on my fancy.


lammygirl at 2006-07-06 21:42 (UTC) (Tour)

you are amazingly sweet & talented! you should totally open up a table at bizarre bazaar in december. i would definitely help you! let's do a craft night!
lammygirl at 2006-07-06 21:42 (UTC) (Tour)
oh yes,

and thank you for the doll. you made me look so good ;-)
toriem at 2006-07-15 07:49 (UTC) (Tour)
Thanks Jenny! I really enjoyed making her. Doing the hair was fun! I learned different techniques making her too :D
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