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Well I got started off on crocheting thanks to missy42. But of all things, I love to do amigurumi best. Actually so far, that's the only thing I do. I hope to establish an online store and also sell my amis at craft fairs and expos. I hope to keep growing in my amigurumi skills and hope you'll continue to watch as I happily hook along.

Right now I think my strong points are crocheting from reference, but I would definitely like to work on my originality and come up with different characters and animals of my own. I think being a designer is hard. Patterns I can do, but to come up with an original character... now that's tough. It's times like this I wish I was a good illustrator.

I also very much enjoy working on crocheted fandom as I call it. I will make amis of my favourite musicians, comics, tv series, anime, books, so please watch for it!

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[wow I really need to make a banners and buttons soon, maybe I can bribe someone with amigurumis...]